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We provide one-to-one hypnotherapy client services and conduct group classes and workshops in English and Tamil.

Learn Self-Hypnosis as part of hypnotherapy sessions.

Workshops ::

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Today stress has become a part of everyday life due to many reasons like work, studies, health, work-life balance and others. Both adult and children are experiencing stress. Stress can affect both mentally and physically. Stress affects normal functioning of brain and leads to many health conditions.

In this workshop you will,

  • »Understand what is stress and the need to manage it
  • »Identify triggers
  • »Learn relaxation techniques
  • »Learn techniques to stay calm
  • »Deal with anger and worries
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This workshop helps children to overcome any issues that block their progress and thereby helping them realise their potential.

  • »Learn relaxation techniques
  • »Eliminate fears
  • »Eliminate worries
  • »Increase concentration
  • »Improve confidence / self esteem
  • »Memory and recall
  • »Active reading
  • »Goal setting
  • »Mind mapping
  • »Test anxiety
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It is a series of mental excercises that help you to let go of your worries and help you to feel good. You make use of the power of your inner mind to relax and rejuvenate. It helps you to feel calm and relaxed, have a sound sleep, helps you to manage your emotions. You will understand the mind-body connection.

Hypnotherapy can be used for the following conditions...

  • » Stress / Anxiety
  • » Fears & Phobias
  • » Improve confidence / self-esteem
  • » Overcome Depression
  • » Improve focus and concentration
  • » Improve memory and recall
  • » Manage Anger
  • » Heal Grief and loss
  • » Release Guilt
  • » Overcome Test Fear
  • » Increase Motivation
  • » Gain confidence in public speaking
  • » Test anxiety
  • » Psychosomatic issues
  • » Sleeping issues
  • » Self-esteem
  • » Confidence
  • » Bedwetting
  • » Fear
  • » Nightmares
  • » Handle bully
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