Change Your Life

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world. ”

- Mahatma Gandhi

Dear Vimala,

"The hypnotheraphy sessions helped my sister and my brother so much! They were going through some tough periods, in terms of emotional and anger issues. These feelings were shown to me and to other family members. Vimala helped them to relax and addressed to their issues during hypnotherapy sessions. This proved to be very successful as they had transformed so much after the sessions! All of us have emotional issues, and we need to understand that and release those feelings and only good things from the universe is waiting for us after that! Hypnotheraphy seems us to get there. Thanks Vimala."

Dear Vimala,

"Hypnotherapy has helped me tremendously in controlling my anxiety attacks. The relaxation and breathing exercises have helped me to calm down. I hope this will help those who suffer from similar problem for with God's grace, this treatment has been of help to me."

Juliana Charles
Dear Vimala,

It has been a pleasure and an honour to have met such an honest, genuine, and caring person - one who successfully devotes her life to making others better, and if I take anything positive from "having" the problems that I faced with my children - it will be the fact that as a result, we met each other.

I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for our sons, Daniel (11 yrs) & Dominic (10 yrs). Although they have been in therapy for only a couple of months, your sessions have made a big difference in their lives. Both are now doing their homework and revision, have more concentration, there are less tantrums, they are less angry and much easier on themselves. I have tried many things and programs to help them and I am glad I found you.

After the sessions, I notice changes in the boys - you have re-instilled their confidence and the belief that they can directly affect the way that they feel. Besides the boys getting on with the session, Vimala also explains and imparts valuable tips and advice to me as well so that as a parent, I can continue to contribute positively to the process that my boys go through. The great thing about the process is that it enables you to become aware of the thoughts that shape your behaviour, and once aware of the thoughts you can change them, and the behaviour linked to them. The process is laid out very clearly, and encourages you to take your time, as you are changing bad behaviour which you have learned over the course of your life. You then are given the tools to look at these behaviours, see where they come from, and enable you to become responsible for them and to change them.

Thank you for being so kind, thoughtful, supportive and wonderful. I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone and everyone who needs a little help getting back on track – be it adults or kids.

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